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Most inappropriate and disturbing children’s toys ever made

Oh childhood! The most awesome time of your life! You don’t have to care about anything, you can do whatever you want and just play all day long. We should all thank our parents, who made sure that we had everything, we need. We probably should also thank them for shielding us from these horrible, weird and sometime just outrageous toys, that could have ruined our whole childhood. Just wondering, who were the masterminds, who thought making something like this and selling it to children, was appropriate?

E.T. Finger light

Remember E.T. , right? Of course you do, who could forget that adorable little creature! So naturally, the creators of the movie decided to cash in on its success in various ways. One of them was a flashlight called “E.T. Finger Light”, which was supposed to resemble E.T.’s finger, obviously. However, I’m pretty sure it more resembles a certain adult toy, than a finger…

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Disturbing children’s books, that probably should have never been published

It’s astonishing, how dumb some people can be. Dude, you had one job!